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SSA Broadway success prompts visit
SSA Broadway's rankings for AZMerit student achievement scores got the attention of New Schools for Phoenix.

Andrew Collins, NSP executive director, toured Sonoran Science Academy during the 2015-16 school year with Sonoran Schools executives and senior staff members to learn the secrets of our academic success.

SSA Broadway came to the attention of New Schools for Phoenix when Program Director Samuel Vasquez conducted a data analysis and found that SSA Broadway's AzMERIT scores were among the top eight in the state of Arizona, and a student population of 70 percent or more who qualify for free or reduced lunches.

During the visit, Vasquez and  Collins toured the campus. School principal Erdal Kocak and Saadet Doyuran, dean of academics, directed the tour and discussed the school's many successes. Robert Hobbins, Sonoran Schools Chief Academic Officer, and Kelly McQuaid, ELL and ELA director, highlighted Broadway's success with reading competency under the school's Title 1 Reading Specialist, Cynthia Hart.