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Students Score Top Honors in National Spanish Examinations
Anyone who has seen Senor Mena teaching Spanish knows that he is very, very good at what he does.  But did you know that his teaching has meant to his students?  
Larissa Guedes and Keanu Crenshaw does.  These two students took their learning and applied it in the National Spanish Examinations.  They scored a Gold and Bronze medal after competing against Spanish students from all 50 states.  
The National Spanish Examinations are a motivational contest to recognize student achievement in the study of Spanish and to stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of Spanish. The test is an online, standardized assessment tools for Grades 6 -12, given voluntarily by about 4000 teachers throughout the United States to measure performance (interpretive communication) and achievement of students who are studying Spanish as a second language. (You can learn more about the NSE https://www.nationalspanishexam.org/index.php/about-us/what-is-nse)

Students that score above the 75 percentile and get a medal become eligible to apply for certain scholarships depending on their grade levels. Students that get medals may also get awards that vary depending on their state's chapter. (Learn more about the Scholarship and awards available through the NSE at https://www.nationalspanishexam.org/index.php/about-us/scholarships-for-students)

Mr Mena's students participated in 2017, where Keanu Crenshaw won the bronze in the "Spanish 1 - Classroom Experience" category.  The year before, Larissa Guedes won a gold medal in the "Spanish 1 - Out of Classroom Experience" and a Bronze medal in the Spanish 2 - Classroom experience Category. The category of Classroom Experience is for students that only have learned Spanish in a classroom setting; while the Outside Experience is for students that speaks a Romance Language other than Spanish such as French and Portuguese, or that are a Heritage Speaker of Spanish. 
To prepare, they started meeting during the Fall semester during Academic Enrichment (now called Study Hall); they took some samples tests to get familiar with the testing setting. I have students quiz themselves, and feedback was provided with difficult topics. Participation in this contest is optional, and helps motivated students to expand what they learn in the classroom as well as to promote the importance of Foreign Languages. Mr. Mena will start soon sending an invitation to students to the 2019 NSA that will take place in between February and March. 
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