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Students Compete in Annual CO2 Dragster Competition

One of the most beloved events at SSA Davis Monthan is the annual CO2 dragster race. Each year, Mr. “Oz” Guvenc’s 7th grade Engineering students work in groups to design, test, and ultimately compete for the title of fastest racer.

The project begins with the construction of the racetrack. These dragsters can approach speeds of 60mph, and require a track for controlled (and safe) conditions. This year, students chose to paint the track in a rainbow pattern.

After construction of the track was completed, students set about designing and testing their team dragsters. To optimize each car, they ran their dragsters through a series of tests, including the “Wind Tunnel”, “Aerodynamic Smoke”, “Ramp Distance”, “Ramp Veer” and finally the CO2 drag race tests to determine the speed of their cars before the finish line.

After almost two months of intensive work, the racing day arrived. 25 engineering students in twelve teams saw their hard work pay off as raced their dragsters in the final competition. Could they claim victory and beat the record set by Mr. Oz’s own dragster, called “The String?”

In the final results, six students shared the title of first-place champions with an average top speed of 55mph:

  • Julien Lillie
  • Jasmine Salazar
  • Catherine Roberts
  • Alexya Amezcua
  • Christian Powers-Lake
  • Kinsley Carlin· J

The runners-up were

  • Damian Jacoby
  • Justin Lama

However, speed was not the only category. Looking good counts, too! The decoration award, with a score of 4.27 out of 5, went to:

  • Michael Shickling
  • Lucas Crawshaw
To capture the excitement of the event, our Dean of Academics took 360 degree photos of the event.  Check them out on our Facebook page
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