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Thank you for your interest in donating to our schools! Donations can range from monetary donations, to specific items (e.g. science equipment; playground equipment), to tax credit contributions. If you wouldlike to donate to one of our schools but need more information about how or what to donate, please contact us at: info@sonoranschools.org
Most Arizona residents are familiar with the Arizona School Tax Credit, which allows individuals to claim a credit for making contributions or paying fees to a public charter school for support of extracurricular activities or character education programs. Your tax credit donation stays in your community to directly support children. Read more about this program below.
Thank you for supporting our students!

About the Arizona School Tax Credit program

Who can donate
Arizona law allows taxpayers to receive a tax credit of up to $200 for a single individual or a head of household and $400 for a married couple filing a joint return for donations that benefit students in Arizona public schools. It is not a deduction – it is a tax credit, reducing what your state tax liability dollar for dollar. All Arizona taxpayers are eligible to donate – you do not have to have children attending the school or district you donate to.
What donations qualify for a tax credit
Extracurricular activities, as defined by the Arizona Department of Revenue, are school sponsored optional activities that require enrolled students to pay a fee in order to participate. The activities must supplement the school's educational program. Examples of extra-curricular activities include field trips, sports, robotics, and the arts. Your donation may be designated for the general support of extracurriculars or assigned to a specific program. Your donation may also be applied to cover the fee for a particular child's participation in an activity.

When to make a donationColorful graphic of children
You can donate at any time. For donations made January 1 through April 15, you must specify which tax year your donation is for.

Must the credit for contributions made or fees paid to a public school be claimed in the year of donation?
No. Credit-eligible fees paid and contributions made to a public school from January 1 through April 15 of a calendar year may be used as a tax credit on the prior year’s tax return. 

For comprehensive information about the Arizona School Tax Credit for individuals, visit: https://azdor.gov/tax-credits/public-school-tax-credit  If you contribute to the Arizona School Tax Credit, that donation may also be a deduction on your federal income tax filing (check with your tax advisor for details).

How to make a donation
You can donate online on this page via our secure online payment service, or you can print the form out and make your contribution in person at the school or mail it, along with your check, to the school. If you make a donation online between January 1 and April 15, you must designate which tax year your donation is for in the “notes” section.

Why make a donation
Extracurricular activities help students learn about friendships, creativity, teamwork, time management, stress relief, conflict resolution, and develop self-confidence.

What else you can do
Check with your employer to see if they have a matching funds program. Some companies will match your contribution dollar for dollar. 

Thank you for supporting our students!

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