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Achievements and Successes

Last updated April 2018
17-18MathCONPSANationalTwo finalists
17-18AMC-8 (American Mathematic Competition)PSANationalHonor Roll Student, top 5% Nationally - individual
17-18Noetic Math ContestPSANationalNational Honor Roll, 3rd grade - individual
17-18Noetic Math ContestPSANationalNational Honor Roll, 6th grade - individual
17-18Congressional AwardPSANationalGold Medal
17-18Congressional AwardPSANationalSilver Medal
17-18Science OlympiadPSARegional1st Place team
17-18FTCPSARegionalAlliance first Choice Award - 2nd place team
17-18FTCPSARegionalPTC Design Award - team
17-18UNC-University of Northern Colorado Math FinalPSARegional8 students qualified for Final at UNC
17-18MathCONPSAState1st place individual
17-18FTC White Mountain Qualifying TournamentPSARegionalWinning Alliance Captain
2016-2017MathCONPSANational1st place in Arizona - Individual 5th grade
2016-2017US News and World Report Nation's Best High SchoolsPSANationalBronze Medal (April 2017)
2016-2017First Tech ChallengePSAState2nd place in division
2016-2017Arizona Science OlympiadPSANorthern Regional1st place team, Division B
2016-2017First Tech ChallengePSARegionalMotivate, PTC Design, and Finalist team Award
2016-2017City of Chandler Enviromental Art contestPSACityIndividual award winner
2016-2017Cherishing Art Initiative Arts ContestPSACity1st place individual
2016Science OlympiadPSANationalTwo students win #1 in nation in Wind Power category, Division B (grades 6-9) at national finals at Univ of Wisconsin-Stout.
2016Science OlympiadPSAStateAriz. state champions for Division B (grades 6-9), for 4th year in a row. Advance to national finals at Univ of Wisconsin-Stout.
2016FIRST Tech Challenge RoboticsPSARegionalWinning Aliance Award* (per RH) and Design Award. The Winning Alliance award is given to the team that supports the regional champions, in this case the Mogollon HS Jaegers Team.
2015U.S. Congressional Awards (ongoing)PSANationalSilver Medals (2), Bronze medals (2), Gold certificates (2), Silver certificates (2), Bronze certificates (10)
2015Arizona Science OlympiadPSAStateState Champions (team)
2015MathCountsPSAStateState Champions (team), Math Coach for state team
2015First Tech Challenge (FTC)PSAStateMotivate Award
2015First Tech Challenge (FTC)PSARegional2 Motivate Awards
2014First Tech Challenge (FTC) RoboticsPSAStateState Champions (2 teams)
2014Arizona Science OlympiadPSAStateState Champions (team); Outstanding Coach award
2014MathleaguePSAState4th place individual, 2nd place team
2014Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team, Northern regional
2014Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team, Southern regional
2014Canyon Athletic AssociationPSARegionalDivision I Best 15 Players List
2014First Tech Challenge (FTC) RoboticsPSARegional1st place, Tucson regional
2013Noetic Math CompetitionPSANational9 perfect scores, 55 National Honor Roll, 119 National Honorable mention
2013National Science OlympiadPSANationalCoaching Excellence Award
2013National Society of High School ScholarsPSANationalClaes Nobel Educator of Distinction
2013Math KangarooPSANational3rd place individual, 15th place individual
2013American Mathematics Competition 8PSAStateState Champions: 2 2nd place, 2 3rd place Individual
2013Arizona Charter School AssociationPSAStateAdministrator of the Year Finalist
2013Arizona Science OlympiadPSAState1st place (1st charter school to achieve this)
2013Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (AzSEF)PSAState
4 special awards, 5 1st places, 7 2nd places, 6 3rd places
2013Math KangarooPSAState2 1st places, 8 3rd places
2013Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team, Northern regional
2013Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team, Southern regional
2013FTC Robotics RegionalPSARegionalFinalist Alliance Captain Award, Think Award
2013Canyon Athletic AssociationPSARegional2nd place Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament
2013Odyssey of the MindPSARegional1st place team
2013Elementary Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team
2012National Junior Science and Humanities SymposiumPSANational3rd place
2012Noetic Math Competition (Fall)PSANational3 perfect scores, 43 students National Honor Roll, 123 students National Honorable Mention
2012Noetic Math Competition (Spring)PSANational
1 perfect score, 2 Honor Roll Students, 12 Honorable Mention students
2012Governors Celebration of InnovationPSAStateHonorable mention, Individual
2012Arizona Junior Science and Humanities SymposiumPSAState1st place and 3rd place
2012AzSEF (Arizona Science & Engineering Fair)PSAStateGrand Award winner – Junior Division (ISEF); 7 special awards, Six 1st place awards, six 2nd places, eight 3rd places
2012Arizona Science OlympiadPSAState2nd place team; Outstanding Coach Award
2012Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional2nd place team, Northern regional
2012Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional3rd place team, Southern regional
2012Math CountsPSARegional2nd place 8th grade individual
2012First Tech ChallengePSARegional
2nd place team, Finalist Alliance Award, Compass Award
2011International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering, Environment Project Olympiad (I-SWEEP)PSAInternational2nd place, 8th grade
2011ACCompete Contest #3PSANational
1st place team, 2nd place individual, 3rd place individual
2011ACCompete Contest #2PSANational1st place team, 1st place individual
2011Turkish Language ContestPSANational1st place team, Folk Dance
2011Noetic Math Competition (Spring)PSANational1 perfect score, 29 students in top 10% in nation
2011Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (AzSEF)PSAStateGrand Award Winner, Junior Division, 8 Special Awards, 4 1st places, 5 2nd places, 3 3rd places
2011Arizona Middle School Science OlympiadPSAStateOutstanding Coach Award, 2nd place team
2011Math CountsPSAState1st place team, Match Coach for state team
2011American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8)PSAState1st place in state (top score), team
2011University of Arizona Language FairPSARegional2nd palce team, 9th grade Spanish
2011Odyssey of the MindPSARegional2nd place team
2011MathcountsPSARegional1st place individual, 2nd place individual, 3rd place team
2011Science OlympiadPSARegional2nd place team
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