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K-3 Move On When Reading
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About the program

What is Move On When Reading?

Arizona’s Move On When Reading law, Arizona Revised Statute §15-701, was passed to ensure K-3 students receive effective reading instruction. As a requirement of the statute, students receive an initial screening, on-going diagnostic and classroom-based reading assessments, and progress monitoring on their reading ability. Instruction is then adjusted to help students become skilled readers.

Students who do not meet reading proficiency by the end of third grade as demonstrated by their AzMERIT reading scores shall not be promoted from 3rd grade (ARS §15-701). When a student’s score “falls far below” on the state’s reading assessment, schools are required by the law to provide additional reading services to help the student become a successful reader. Students who qualify as English Language learners or for Exceptional Student Services fall under specific guidelines and may receive an exemption.

Why target reading?

Reading proficiency is crucial for academic success. The National Reading Panel identified five critical areas of effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Over the years, research has consistently demonstrated that students benefit from explicit instruction in these areas.

How does Sonoran Schools help?

Sonoran Schools is dedicated to helping your child reach reading proficiency, setting a foundation for future academic and career success. To that end, our teachers and students receive additional reading support to ensure students meet their goal:
  • Teachers receive a total of 90 hours of intensive training in reading instruction through Spalding Education International.
  • K-3rd grade students receive supplemental online reading instruction that adjusts to meet their individual reading needs through i-Ready Reading.
  • Struggling readers receive additional reading support, during small group instruction.
What can parents do?

Read at least 20 minutes every day or night to your child. Research has shown that reading to your child in their home language is equally beneficial. Follow your child’s progress on i-Ready Reading and provide opportunities for them to complete one or two lessons each week at home.
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