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 Last updated May 2016   
2016Science OlympiadPSANationalTwo students win #1 in nation in Wind Power category, Division B (grades 6-9) at national finals at Univ of Wisconsin-Stout.
2016State Chess ChampionshipsTELEMState4th place Team
2016National History Day State CompetitionTMHSState3rd Place Team; Best Use of Arizona Archives Award
2016MathLeague State CompetitionTMHSState2nd Place Team; 2nd Place Individual; 3rd Place Individual
2016Science OlympiadPSAStateAriz. state champions for Division B (grades 6-9), for 4th year in a row. Advance to national finals at Univ of Wisconsin-Stout.
2016Festival of Books Young Artists CompetitionDMRegional1st Place
2016SACA Tucson Regional Chess ChampionshipsTMHSRegionalK9 Team 1st Place
2016SACA Tucson Regional Chess ChampionshipsTELEMRegionalK-1 1st Place; K1 Team 1st Place
2016Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) CompetitionTELEMRegionalGrand Award 1st Place (2); Grand Award 2nd Place (2); Grand Award 3rd Place
2016Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) CompetitionBWYRegionalGrand Award 1st Place; Grand Award 2nd Place Grand Award 3rd Place
2016MathCounts BWYRegional2nd Place Team; 2nd Place Individual; 3rd Place Individual
2016Festival of Books Young Author CompetitionTMHSRegional1st Place
2016Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) CompetitionTMHSRegional1st Place (2); 2nd Place (2)
2016National History DayTMHSRegionalQualified for State
2016First FTC Colorado RegionalsTMHSRegionalFIRST Dean's List Finalist Award
2016FIRST FTC Colorado RegionalsTMHSRegionalRegional Winners
2016FIRST Tech Challenge RoboticsPSARegionalWinning Aliance Award* (per RH) and Design Award. The Winning Alliance award is given to the team that supports the regional champions, in this case the Mogollon HS Jaegers Team.
2016Canyon Athletic Assn Boys Varsity SoccerPHXRegionalDivision I championship (team)
2016Poetry Out LoudTMHSCity1st Place Winner
2016Sonoran Schools Spelling BeeBWYCity1st Place; 2nd Place
2015FRC Robotics World ChampionshipsTMHInternationalImagery Award
2015U.S. Congressional Awards (ongoing)TMHNationalBronze Medals (2), Gold certificates (3) , Silver certificates (3), Bronze certificates (5)
2015U.S. Congressional Awards (ongoing)PSANationalSilver Medals (2), Bronze medals (2), gold certificates (2), silver certificates (2), bronze certificates (9)
2015U.S. Congressional Awards (ongoing)PHXNationalGold certificates (1), silver certificates (2), bronze certificates (5)
2015Raytheon CorporationTMHNational Math Hero Teacher Award
2015US News & World Report Nation's Best High SchoolsTMHNationalRanked # 6 in Arizona
2015National Merit Scholarship CorporationDMNationalNational Merit Scholar (Spring 2015)
2015National Merit Scholarship CorporationTMHNationalSemi-finalists (2) (Fall 2015)
2015Math LeagueTMHNational1st in State, 10th in the Nation
2015Freedom Art ContestTMHNationalGrand Award Winner
2015MathCounts NationalsBWYNational12th place individual
2015Arizona Science and Engineering FairTMHState2nd Place Individual
2015National History CompetitionTMHState2 Students qualified for Nationals
2015Scholastic Art ContestTMHState2 Gold keys, 5 Silver Keys, 4 Honorable Mentions
2015Arizona Science BowlTMHState2nd place Team, 3rd place Team
2015MathCountsBWYState1st place individual; 2nd place team
2015Mathleague BWYState1st place team
2015Mathleague BWYState1st place individual 8-12th grade; 1st place individual 6th grade; 1st place individual 8th grade; 2nd place individual 7th grade; 3rd place individual 8th grade
2015Arizona Scholastic Art ContestBWYStateGold Key; American Visions Nominee
2015Great American Can Round-up School ChallengeDMState1st place
2015Arizona Military Youth of the YearDMState1st place
2015Arizona Science OlympiadPSAStateState Champions (team)
2015MathCountsPSAStateState Champions (team), Math Coach for state team
2015First Tech Challenge (FTC) PSAStateMotivate Award
2015First Lego LeagueTELEMRegional1st Place; Robotics Project Award
2015Turkish Language and Performing ContestTMHRegional1st Place song; 3rd Place folk dance
2015Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild ScholarshipTMHRegionalAward of Excellence ($1000 scholarship)
2015FRC Robotics Colorado regionalTMHRegionalDean's List Award (Individual), Inspiration Award (Team)
2015SARSEF (S. AZ Science and Engineering Fair)TMHRegional7 students qualified to state level
2015FRC Robotics East Phoenix RegionalTMHRegionalChairman's Award
2015National History Day CompetitionTMHRegional7 students qualified to state level
2015MathCounts (Southern Arizona)TMHRegional2nd Place (Team)
1st, 5th, 7th, 8th Place (Individual)
2015Casa Grande Science Olympiad InvitationalTMHRegional1st, 6th and 7th Place Awards
2015Southern Arizona MathCountsBWYRegional1st place team
2015Mathleague High School ContestBWYRegional1st place individual
2015Turkish Language OlympiadsBWYRegional2 2nd places individual
2015First Tech Challenge (FTC) PSARegional2 Motivate Awards
2015PIMA Community College Math CompetitionTMHCity2nd place Team, 3rd place Individual
2015Future City CompetitionPHXCityMost Sustainable City Award & Best Essay Award
2015Excellence in MathBWYCity1st place individual; 2nd place team
2015Language and Performing Arts ContestPHXCity1st place; 2nd place; 3rd place
2014International Young Inventors Project OlympiadPHXInternational2 Gold Medals
2014International Environmental Project OlympiadPHXInternational2 Silver Medals
2014Genius OlympiadPHXInternationalWorld Finalist: Art, Satirical Illustration
2014National Center for Women & Information TechnologyPHXNationalAspirations in Computing Educator Award
2014Pitsco Teacher of the MonthDMNationalTeacher of the Month
2014Scholastic Art ContestTMHNational1 Gold key, 4 silver keys
2014U.S. Patent OfficeTMHNational Provisional patent filed by 8th grade student
2014Arizona Science OlympiadPSAStateState Champions (team); Outstanding Coach award
2014First Tech Challenge (FTC) RoboticsPHX/PSAStateState Champions (2 teams)
 First Lego LeagueTMHState2nd place, robot performance
2014MathCountsBWYState1st place team, Math Coach for state team
2014Destination ImaginationDMStateState Champions
2014MathleaguePSAState4th place individual, 2nd place team
2014AMC 10/12TMHState2 students advanceto AIME
2014Scholastic Writing AwardTMHStateSilver key
2014Gilbert Chandler HS Math ContestTMHState1st place individual, 1st place team
2014Gilbert Chandler MS Math ContestTMHState1st place team, 8th grade
2014Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team, Northern regional
2014Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team, Southern regional
2014KidstructionTMHRegional1st Place in two categories
2014National History DayTMHRegional2 students advance to state
2014Southern Arizona Watercolor GuildTMHRegional2 scholarships
2014Southern Arizona MathCountsBWYRegional1st place team
2014Southern Arizona MathCountsTMHRegional2nd place team
2014Southern Arizona Region Science & Engineering FairTMHRegional1 1st place, 6 2nd places, 8 3rd places, 4 Special Awards
2014Southern Arizona Middle School Math ContestDMRegional1st place team
2014Canyon Athletic AssociationPSARegionalDivision I Best 15 Players List
2014First Tech Challenge (FTC) RoboticsPSARegional1st place, Tucson regional
2014Science Olympiad Invitational TournamentPHXRegional1 1st place, 2 2nd places, 1 3rd place
2014PIMA County Anti-Graffiti Poster DesignTMHCounty1st place
2014Future City CompetitionPHXCityWalton Sustainable Community Award
2013Raytheon CorporationDMNationalMath Hero Award, 1 of 32 nationwide
2013Noetic Math CompetitionPSANational9 perfect scores, 55 National Honor Roll, 119 National Honorable mention
2013American Mathematics Competition 8BWYNationalPerfect score individual (1 of 150), only student in AZ
2013TheBestHighSchools.orgTMHNationalRanked in the Top 50
2013US News & World ReportTMHNationalGold Medal High School, Ranked #53 in the Nation
2013Washington PostTMHNationalRanked #102 in the Nation, High School
2013SIEMENS STEM Institute DMNationalOne of 50 Siemens STEM Teacher Fellows Nationwide
2013National Science OlympiadPSANationalCoaching Excellence Award
2013Edison AwardsTMHNational Team TOXIC Research – Semi Finalists
2013National Junior Science & Humanities SymposiumTMHNational2nd place Individual
2013YES! MagazineTMHNational1st place Essay Competition
2013US Presidential ScholarTMHNational Candidate
2013National Merit Scholarship CorporationTMHNational Two National Merit Scholars
2013National Society of High School ScholarsPSANationalClaes Nobel Educator of Distinction
2013Math KangarooPSANational3rd place individual, 15th place individual
2013Scholastic Art ContestTMHInterState5 gold, 2 Bronze, 2 Honorable Mentions
2013FIRST RoboticsTMHInterStateEngineering Inspiration Award, World Championship qualifiers
2013Pacific Military Youth of the YearDMInterState1st place
2013American Mathematics Competition 8PSAStateState Champions: 2 2nd place, 2 3rd place Individual
2013American Mathematics Competition 8TMHState2nd place team and 3rd place team
2013Arizona Charter School AssociationPSAStateAdministrator of the Year Finalist
2013Arizona Charter School AssociationTMHStateTeacher of the Year Finalist
2013Arizona Department of EducationTMHStateAnnual Art Contest, 1st place Division
2013Arizona Science OlympiadPSAState1st place (1st charter school to achieve this)
2013Arizona MathcountsBWYState1st place Individual, 3rd place team
2013Flinn FoundationTMHStateFlinn Scholar
2013Arizona Junior Science & Humanities SymposiumTMHState1st place Individual
2013ASU CTI STEMTMHState1st place Individual
2013FIRST RoboticsTMHStateQuality Award, Dean's List Finalist
2013Congressional Art ContestTMHStateGrand Award Winner, 1 1st place, 1 2nd place, 2 Honorable Mentions
2013First Tech Challenge (FTC) RoboticsTMHStateThink Award
2013Arizona Dept. of Education Centennial Art ContestTMHStateGrand Prize Winner
2013Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (AzSEF)PHXState13 medals in 8 categories
2013Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (AzSEF)PSAState4 special awards, 5 1st places, 7 2nd places, 6 3rd places
2013Math KangarooPSAState2 1st places, 8 3rd places
2013FIRST Tech ChallengeTMHRegional2 Motivate Awards
2013Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team, Northern regional
2013Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team, Southern regional
2013FLL Tucson RegionalsTMHRegional1st Place Team Project Award
2013FTC Robotics RegionalPSARegional Finalist Alliance Captain Award, Think Award
2013Canyon Athletic AssociationPSARegional2nd place Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament
2013Kidstruction Architecture Contest TMHRegional2 1st place teams
2013Southern Arizona Athletic Association TMHRegionalSeason Champions
2013Southern Arizona Athletic Association TMHRegionalHigh School Girls Volleyball Champions
2013Canyon Athletic Association DMRegionalS. Tucson Conference Girls Volleyball Champions
2013Southern Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (SARSEF)TMHRegional3 1st place, 6 2nd place, 3 3rd place, 2 Special Awards
2013Southern Arizona Chess ChampionshipsTELEMRegionalTeam qualifed for state competition
2013MathCountsTMHRegional1st place team, 3rd place team, 7th place team
2013Academic DecathlonTMHRegional4 silver, 1 bronze, best 1A school
2013Odyssey of the MindPSARegional1st place team
2013Elementary Science OlympiadPSARegional1st place team
2013Future City CompetitionPHXCityMost Holistic Approach and Best Multimodal Transportation System Awards
2012NewsweekTMHNationalRanked #57 in the Nation, America's Best High Schools
2012US News and World Report Best High SchoolsTMHNational Gold Label School; 25th best charter high school in the Nation; 4th best charter high school in Arizona
2012National Junior Science and Humanities SymposiumPSANational3rd place
2012International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF)TMHNational1st place – Cellular & Molecular Biology
2012United States Academic DecathlonTMHNational4th place team in Small Schools Competition; Individual gold and bronze medals
2012Siemen's FoundationTMHNationalRegional Finalist, Sole AZ Representative
2012American Mathematics Competition 10TMHNationalYoung Students Achievement Award
2012Noetic Math Competition (Fall)PSANational3 perfect scores, 43 students National Honor Roll, 123 students National Honorable Mention
2012Noetic Math Competition (Spring)PSANational1 perfect score, 2 Honor Roll Students, 12 Honorable Mention students
2012Governors Celebration of InnovationPSAStateHonorable mention, Individual
2012Grand Canyon State Art ContestTMHState6 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, 2 Honorable Mentions
2012Arizona Statistical AssociationTMHState1st place, Top School Award
2012Arizona Junior Science and Humanities SymposiumPSAState1st place and 3rd place
2012Arizona Junior Science and Humanities SymposiumTMHState1st place and 2nd place poster
2012AzSEF (Arizona Science & Engineering Fair)PSAStateGrand Award winner – Junior Division (ISEF); 7 special awards, Six 1st place awards, six 2nd places, eight 3rd places
2012AzSEF (Arizona Science & Engineering Fair)TMHState1st place, 3rd place, 4th place individual
2012Arizona Science OlympiadPSAState2nd place team; Outstanding Coach Award
2012First Tech Challenge State2nd place;Rockwell Collins Innovative Award
2012HS Volleyball ChampionshipTMHRegional2nd place
2012MS Volleyball ChampionshipTMHRegional2nd place
2012HS Football ChampionshipTMHRegional3rd place
2012Kidstruction (Architectural Design Contest)TMHRegional3 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 3 Honorable Mentions
2012Congressional Art CompetitionTMHRegional1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 2 Honorable mentions
2012BECURTMHRegional2 scholarships
2012SARSEFTMHRegionalTop High School Award, Senior Division grand Award Winner (ISEf Finalist), 4 1st places, 3 2nd places, 5 3rd places
2012Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional2nd place team, Northern regional
2012Arizona Science OlympiadPSARegional3rd place team, Southern regional
2012Math CountsPSARegional2nd place 8th grade individual
2012First Tech ChallengePSARegional2nd place team, Finalist Alliance Award, Compass Award
2012American Math ChallengePHXNational1st place in AZ, 2nd place in the nation - middle/high school level
2012American Math ChallengePHXNational1st place in AZ, 4th place in the nation - elementary level
2012Unites States Bowling CongressBWYCityOne 1st place, two 2nd places, and 2nd place overall Bantam division
2012Future City CompetitionPHXCityBest Scale Model and Popular Choice Awards
2011International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF)TMHInternational4th Place Award
2011International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering, Environment Project Olympiad (I-SWEEP)TMHInternational3rd Place Individual (Bronze Medal) & Honorable Mention
2011International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering, Environment Project Olympiad (I-SWEEP)PSAInternational2nd place, 8th grade
2011International Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS)TMHInternational5th Place & Honorable Mention
2011United States of America Math Olympiad (USAMO)TMHNationalFinalist
2011Scholastic Art ContestTMHNationalSilver Medal (One of only two students from AZ)
2011American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8)TMHNationalHonor Roll School
2011Washington Post TMHNationalBest High Schools List: Ranked #27 in nation
2011NewsweekTMHNationalNation's Best Schools Report: Ranked #179 in nation
2011ACCompete Contest #3TMHNational1st place individual
2011ACCompete Contest #3PSANational1st place team, 2nd place individual, 3rd place individual
2011ACCompete Contest #2PSANational1st place team, 1st place individual
2011Turkish Language ContestPSANational1st place team, Folk Dance
2011Noetic Math Competition (Spring)PSANational1 perfect score, 29 students in top 10% in nation
2011FIRST RoboticsTMHInter-StateJudges' Award
2011Math LeagueTMHWestern StatesTwo 1st Places in the League; Two 1st places and two 2nd places in the Region
2011Turkish Language and Performing ContestTMHWestern StatesTwo 1st places, one 2nd place, two 3rd places
2011Gauss League CompetitionTMHWestern States1st Place Individual
2011Gauss League CompetitionDMWestern States1 Silver; 1 Bronze Medal
2011ACCompete ContestTMHWestern States1st Place Individual
2011Southwest Association for Education in Biomedical Research (SWAEBR)TMHStateWinning Essay
2011National History DayTMHStateThree 1st Places, one 2nd place; 4 students advancing to nationals
2011Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (AzSEF)TMHStateTeacher of the Year Award; 3 1st places; 1 2nd place; 2 3rd places
2011Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (AzSEF)PSAStateGrand Award Winner, Junior Division, 8 Special Awards, 4 1st places, 5 2nd places, 3 3rd places
2011Arizona Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS)TMHStateOne 3rd place, one 4th place, and one 5th place, all advancing to nationals
2011Arizona Middle School Science OlympiadPSAStateOutstanding Coach Award, 2nd place team
2011Arizona Middle School Science OlympiadTMHStateOne 1st place, one 3rd place, one 5th place
2011Odyssey of the MindTMHStateOne 3rd place award
2011FIRST RoboticsTMHStateImagery Award
2011Math CountsPSAState1st place team, Match Coach for state team
2011Math CountsTMHState1st & 6th Individual Places; 2nd place team
2011Academic DecathlonTMHStateBest 1A School; 1 Gold medal individual; 1 silver medal individual
2011First Tech Challenge Robotics CompetitionDMState2nd place and Inspire Award (invited to nationals)
2011Math KangarooDMState1st place 6th grade; 2nd place 7th grade
2011Math League ContestTMHState2nd Place Team
2011Math League ContestDMState4th place
2011Arizona Science OlympiadTMHStateOne 3rd place and two 7th places
2011Scholastic Art ContestTMHState4 Golden Key Winners
2011American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8)TMHStateHonor Roll - 2nd place team in State; 1st place team in Tucson; Individual Awards - 1 Gold Medal, 2 Awards of Distinction, 4 Honor Roll
2011American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8)PSAState1st place in state (top score), team
2011Noetic Math CompetitionTELEMStateHonor Roll: 2nd place in state; 1st place in Tucson
2011Grand Canyon State Art ContestTMHState2 Gold Medals; 3 Silver Medals
2011SAAA HS Volleyball ChampionshipTMHRegional2nd Place
2011SAAA HS Football ChampionshipTMHRegional1st Place
2011SAAA MS Soccer ChampionshipTMHRegional2nd place
2011SAAA HS Soccer ChampionshipTMHRegional2nd place
2011Congressional Art ContestTMHRegionalThree 1st places; 2 2nd places; 1 3rd place; 3 4th places; 1 Honorable Mention
2011Southern Arizona Language and Performing ContestTMHRegionalFour 1st places
2011University of Arizona Language FairPSARegional2nd palce team, 9th grade Spanish
2011University of Arizona Language FairDMRegional1st place, Turkish
2011SARSEF (S. AZ Regional Science & Engineering Fair)TMHRegionalSenior Division Grand Award (International ISEF Finalist); Senior Division Grand Award (International Genius Olympiad Finalist); 2 Senior Division Grand Awards (International ISWEEP Finalists); 10 1st places; 12 2nd places; 18 3rd places
2011SARSEF (S. AZ Regional Science & Engineering Fair)TELEMRegionalTwo 2nd places, five 3rd places
2011SARSEF (S. AZ Regional Science & Engineering Fair)DMRegionalOne 1st place; One 3rd place; U of A Community Connections Award; pflibsen Family Award
2011Odyssey of the MindTMHRegionalTwo 1st places, one 2nd place, and one 3rd place (3 teams advanced to state)
2011Odyssey of the MindPSARegional2nd place team
2011MathcountsPSARegional1st place individual, 2nd place individual, 3rd place team
2011MathcountsTMHRegional1st Place Team; 2nd place Team; 1st, 2nd, 3rd , and 4th Individual Places
2011Academic DecathlonTMHRegionalAdvanced to State as a Team; 3 Silver Medals; 2 Bronze Medals
2011Southern Arizona Acting FestivalTMHRegional5 Superior Performance; 8 Excellent Performance (advanced to state)
2011Science OlympiadPSARegional2nd place team
2011Geographic BeeTMHCountyAdvanced to State - Individual
2011Future City CompetitionPHXCityBest Computer Design Award
2011Young Writers' CompetitionTMHCity1st Place
2011University of Arizona BECUR (Biological, Engineering, and Chemical Undergraduate Research) SymposiumTMHCity2 Scholarship Awards
2011Voice of Democracy Patriot Pen ContestTMHCity1st Place in the Region
2011United States Bowling CongressBWYCityOne 1st place, one 2nd place, and one 3rd place
2010ISWEEP (International Energy Project Olympiad)TMHInternationalTwo Bronze Medals
2010First Lego LeagueTMHNationalSecond Provisional Patent filed, US Patent & Trademark Office
2010First Lego LeagueTMHNationalProvisional Patent, US Patent & Trademark Office
2010University of IowaTMHNationalBelin-Blank Exceptional Student Award
2010National Scrabble TournamentTMHNational1st in the Division
2010Astronomical LeagueTMHNational3rd Place in the Nation and Outstanding Young Astronomer Award
2010Jack Kent Cooke FoundationTMHNationalYoung Artist Award
2010United States of America Math Olympiad (USAMO)TMHNationalFinalist
2010United States of America Junior Math Olympiad (USAJMO)TMHNationalFinalist
2010Mathematical Association of AmericaTMHNationalMath Team Coach, Mr. Bahar, Edyth May Sliffe Award Receipient
2010Newsweek Nation's Best SchoolsTMHNationalSonoran Science Academy ranked #103 in the Nation
2010US News & World Report Nation's Best SchoolsTMHNationalSonoran Science Academy ranked a Silver Medal School
2010ACCompete Contest #1PSANational1st place team, 2nd place individual, 3rd place individual
2010Noetic Math ContestPSANational1 perfect score, 32 Honor Roll students
2010Southwest BioGENEius ChallengeTMHSouthwest USOne of 4 finalists
2010Turkish Language and Performing ContestTMHWestern StatesOne 1st place, one 2nd place, two 3rd places, and a Special Jury award
2010First Tech ChallengeTMHWestern States1st Place Connect Award
2010Arizona Department of EducationTUCStateExcelling Rating 7th year in a row
2010Arizona Clean and Beautiful 2011 Kids’ Calendar AwardTMHStateFeatured 6 (out of 12) SSA Students’ Art Work
2010Governor’s Celebration of InnovationTMHStateGovernor’s Teacher of the Year for 2010
2010Governor’s Celebration of InnovationTMHStateGovernor’s Future Innovator of the Year 2010
2010American Statistical AssociationTMHStateTop School Award & 1st, 2nd, 4th places – Individual
2010Odyssey of the MindTMHState1st Place, advanced to nationals
2010Congressional Art CompetitionTMHState4th Place, Honorable Mention
2010Destination ImaginationTMHState1st Place, advanced to nationals
2010Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS)TMHState2nd Place (Advanced to National); Outstanding Teacher Award
2010Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (AzSEF)TMHStateJunior Division Grand Award; Senior Division Grand Award (ISEF Finalist); Eight 1st place awards, three 2nd place awards, four 3rd place awards, one 4th place award, and the Rose Bieber Social Science Award
2010Math League ContestTMHState1st Place Team; 1st, 2nd, 3rd individual places
2010FIRST RoboticsTMHStateExcellence in Design Award; Imagery Award
2010Middle School Science OlympiadTMHStateTwo 4th places and one 5th place
2010Arizona Academic DecathlonTMHStateHighest scoring 1A School
2010Scholastic Art ContestTMHState3 Gold Key Winners
20102010 SW Regional BioGENEius CompetitionTMHState1st Place
2010Arizona Science OlympiadTMHStateTwo 1st places, one 3rd place, two 4th places
2010Tournament of Champions BowlingBWYState3rd place team
2010Arizona Clean and Beautiful 2010 Kids’ Calendar AwardTMHStateFeatured 3 (out of 12) SSA Students’ Art Work
2010American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8)TMHStateSonoran Science Academy, Honor Roll School
2010Voice of Democracy Patriot Pen ContestTMHState1st Place in the State
2010Destination ImaginationTMHState1st place (advanced to nationals)
2010Pima College Math CompetitionTMHRegional1st Place Team; 1st and 2nd Place Individual
2010Southern Arizona Athletic AssociationTMHRegional1st Place in the Soccer League
2010SARSEF (S. Arizona Science and Engineering Fair)TMHRegionalK-12 Top School Award; Seventeen 1st places, eleven 2nd places, and seven 3rd places
2010National History Day CompetitionTMHRegionalAdvanced to State
2010Southern Arizona Language FairTMHRegionalTwo “Outstanding” Awards; Four 1st place awards, four 2nd place awards, two 3rd place awards
2010Math CountsTMHRegional1st Place Team; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Individual Places
2010Arizona Academic DecathlonTMHRegionalAdvanced to State as a Team, 1 Gold Medal, 1 Silver Medal
2010Southern Arizona Acting FestivalTMHRegional3 Outstanding Performance, 5 Excellent Performance
2010Pima County Poster ContestTMHCounty1st , 2nd, 3rd Individual Places
2010Pima County Spelling BeeTMHCounty1st and 2nd place awards
2010Pima County Geography BeeTMHCounty2nd place
2010Excellence in Mathematics ContestTMHCity1st place 8th grade team project, 2nd place 7th grade team project, 3rd place 7th grade
2010First Lego LeagueTMHCity1st Place Institution Award; 1st place Special Judges’ Award
2010Kidstructure Architecture CompetitionTMHCity1st Place
2010Patriot Art ContestTMHCity2 Art Works Advanced to State
2010University of Arizona BECUR (Biological, Engineering, and Chemical Undergraduate Research)TMHCity3 Scholarship Awards
2010Arizona Technology CouncilTMHCityMayor’s Future Innovator Awards
2010Tucson Values Teacher & Channel 4TMHCityMr. Kadir Bahar, Excellence in Teaching
2009Raytheon - MathMovesUTMHNationalMr. Kadir Bahar, Math Hero Teacher Award
2009National Merit Scholarship CorporationTMHNationalNational Merit Scholar
2009Arizona Charter School AssociationTUCStateSonoran Science Academy, Charter School of the Year
2009Arizona Department of EducationTMHStateExcelling Rating
2009First Lego League ContestTMHCity1st Place Showcase Award
2009Math League ContestTMHCity1st Place Team
2009First Lego League ContestDMStateJudges' Award
2008International Science Project OlympiadTMHInternational3rd Place – Bronze Medal
2008MathCountsTMHState#1 Team in Arizona
2008American Mathematics Contest (AMC 8)TMHState1st Place – Individual (Perfect score)
2008American Mathematics Contest (AMC 8)TMHStateOnly Honor Roll School in Arizona
2008MathCountsTMHRegional#1 Team in Southern Arizona
2008Pima Community College HS Math CompetitionTMHCounty1st Place Team & 1st Place Individual
2008MathCountsTMHCity1st, 2nd, 3rd Individual Places
2007FIRST Robotics CompetitionTMHNationalRanked in Top 30 Robots in USA
2007FIRST Robotics CompetitionTMHStateEngineering Inspiration Award
2007Arizona Spelling BeeTMHState7th Place
2007MathCountsTMHRegional2nd Place team in Southern Arizona
2007Pima County Spelling BeeTMHCounty1st Place
2007MathCountsTMHCity1st, 2nd, and 4th Places – Individual
2006Southern Arizona Region Science & Engineering FairTMHInternationalInternational Science & Engineering Fair Finalist
2006Arizona Academic DecathlonTMHStateRookie Team of the Year Award
2006American Mathematics ContestTMHState1st, 2nd, 4th Place – Individual
2006FIRST Robotics CompetitionTMHStateWoodie Flowers Award
2006FIRST Robotics CompetitionTMHStateOutstanding Safety Awareness Award
2006Pima County Spelling BeeTMHCounty2nd Place
2006MathCountsTMHCity1st Place Team
2006MathCountsTMHCityMost Improved School Award
2006MathCountsTMHCity1st & 4th Place – Individual
2006University High Math CompetitionTMHCity1st, 2nd, 3rd place Team Awards
2006University High Math CompetitionTMHCity1st, 2nd, 3rd Place – Individual
2006Chess Scholastic ChampionshipTMHCity1st Place Individual
2005MathLeagueTMHNational2nd Place team
2005MathLeagueTMHState1st Place team
2005FIRST RoboticsTMHStateWoodie Flowers Award
2005SARSEFTMHRegional1st Place team award
2005SARSEFTMHRegionalDISCOVERY Young Scientist Award
2005MathCountsTMHCity4th Place Team
2005MathLeagueTMHCity1st Place team
2005AATMTMHCity2nd Place team
2005AATMTMHCity1st Place – Individual
2004FIRST RoboticsTMHStateAll Star Rookie Team of the Year
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